The Wolf

16. prosince 2006 v 23:44 | Simone |  Over The Hump
Watch out children
There`s a wolf out there
Open up you eyes son
Cause he`s gonna get you
Lock your door at night
Cause he`s gonna eat you
Don´t try fighting beasts
Cause he`s gonna beat you

Watch out children
There`s a wolf out there
Never run against the wind
Cause he`s gonna win

If there`s any doubt in your mind
Check and see if it`s full moon out tonight
Check and see if he got a tail
And don`t forget to check his nails

Guardian angel guardian angel
Stay with me I`m on my knees

Watch out children there`s a wolf out there
He ain`t got no mercy
He`s only crazy

Danger`s got you running scare
Can you tell me were your going
Take a good look in his eyes
Don`t shake his hands to thight
Be aware of greeks gifts
He`s a son of a bitch
Your taste is in his mouth
He wants to have you now

Yeah what are we gonna do with this big mean wolf
What are we gonna do
We`re gonna whack him
Smack him spank him yeah

Watch out children
There`s a wolf out there
Open up your eyes son

Watch out children
He is somewhere I can see him
Carry guns and knives tonight
Watch out children !!!!

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